Penney/Nicholass Family Ancestry

As researched by Roberta Henton (nee Penney)

Mum & Dad, 1945

This website is the result of my research into my family history - the ancestors of my Scottish-born father Robert Penney and my mother Hilda Kathleen Nicholass who was raised in Kent, England.  For good measure some of my Mum's forebears originated in Ireland in the early 1800's.

The following pages trace the descendants of those forebears usually from my great X3 grandparents:


Dollar, Clackmannanshire

Descendants Chart: William Monteith

Tarbert, Argyll

Descendants Chart: Archibald Carmichael
Descendants Chart: Lachlan McKeith

cross street
Cross Street, Dysart

Descendants Chart: Thomas Tod

upper greens
Upper Greens, Auchtermuchty

Descendants Chart: William Galloway

Burnside, Auchtermuchty

Descendants Chart: James Ford

Deal. Kent
Nicholass Family

Descendants Chart: Zachariah Nicholass
Descendants Chart: William Thomsett

Sheerness, Kent
McDowell Family

Descendants Chart: Andrew McDowell

Quebec City
Bradford Family

Descendants Chart: William Bradford

Alkham, Kent
Kitham Family

Descendants Chart: Thomas (Sutton) Kitham

Grandparents: Penney
Archibald Carmichael Penney/Ancestors

Margaret Ford Briggs/Ancestors

Grandparents: Nicholass
Frederick George Nicholass/Ancestors

Beatrice Jane McDowell/Ancestors

New Zealand
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My Parents

Dad, Robert, was born 18 December, 1909 at 320 Tollcross Road, Shettleston, Glasgow.  The family emigrated to Toronto, Canada and then to New Zealand in 1918.  He attended primary school at Taupiri and Walton then secondary school at Hamilton High School.

He joined the Territorial Land Forces and became a 2nd Lieutenant in 1929.  At the outbreak of war he enlisted and sailed with 21st Battalion to Britain.  On 18th April 1941 he was taken prisoner by the Germans near Larissa, Greece.  During the ambush he received a bullet wound to his arm.  The captives were imprisoned at Salonika until June 9th when they were taken by train in cattle trucks  to Germany to Biberach.


Mon 16th June(1941): 12 months ago today we sailed into the Clyde, what a difference now. A  P.O.W. in GERMANY.  Passed AUGSBURG, ULM & then to our destination BIBERACH.  7 days, 30 men in a cattle truck & short on food, most days bread & water, thank God it is over.  I think we  have all had enough. Marched about 2 miles to the new camp, a nice clean looking place on top of a hill & overlooking some very nice country about 30 miles from the Swiss frontier.  Arrived about 1900 hrs & got a great reception from the old lags who have been captured for more than 12 months, they gave us tea and cigs & were very good to us.  We were all searched & then had to line up for a shower.  We had all our clothes fumigated & did not get out until 0230 hrs but we certainly felt clean.


They were transferred to Warburg in October and in the following September (1942) to Eichstatt camp.  At the end of the war Dad, now with rank of Captain, returned to England and married Hilda Kathleen Nicholass, (nursing in war-time London), at her parent’s home in Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, on 2nd July 1945.  They had met in the early war years when 21st battalion was stationed at Leeds, Kent.  Dad returned to New Zealand on the troops’ ship and Mum followed him to New Zealand a few weeks later.  

Sept 2007  RJH